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Our Hotel is located in 701 Sargento Cabral Street (W), just 300 meters from Santiago Graffigna Winery and Museum and it is also located opposite to a very important shopping center which has its own cinema.
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0. Streets inital numbering – North, South , West and East
01. Bus Station
02. Department of Tourism
03. Catedral
04. Sarmiento’s Birthplace Museum
05. San Martin Historical Cell
06. 25 de Mayo Square
07. Pedestrian Area
08. Post Office
09. Sarmiento Theatre
10. Conference Center
11. Ferrourbanístico Resort


12. Juan Victoria Auditorium
13. Natural Ciences Museum
14. Provincial City Council
15. Aldo Cantoni Stadium
16. Don Julio Museum
17. Dr. Guillermo Rawson Hospital
18. Two branches palm tree
19. San Juan’s foundation Square
20. Police Station
21. J. Tornambé Visual Arts Museum
22. Federal Police Station

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